Golf is a Haven March 18, 2016

It’s no wonder why suits often prefer golf as a sport. With all the stress inducing problems of the corporate world, players inevitably need a space to unwind, recreate themselves and play some Taylormade golf. It so happens that golf presents qualities that are uncommon to other sports – qualities that often go hand in hand with the troubles of a professional life.

Imagine a serene field of grass, maintained and manicured into pristine condition and uniformity. Imagine the absence of all the harsh city sounds, the clacking of computer keyboards and chattering phone conversations. Imagine a peaceful walk under the warm sun in the midst of fresh and natural breezes with a Taylormade golf bag full of clubs in tow.

Golf is a haven, free from the burdens of the modern man.

GolfThere is a sense of release that playing golf brings. Having to focus all your energies into one powerful swing aimed for a single concrete goal can be very unnerving. The climaxing sound of the TaylorMade iron clacking and thrusting the ball into the horizon brings a sense of uncertainty and adventure, as the golfer looks yonder, reviewing the result of his action. The golfer walks towards the next location, ever getting closer to the final destination. It cools him down and prepares him for the next exercise of calculation and luck.

Golfing can bring about a spiritual state, a coming back to the centre. Unlike other sports wherein athletes are in constant aggressive tension, elbowing each other to score a point, golf has a much more peaceful ambience. It has a much slower pace and often lasts much longer than other competitive activities. The athlete can take his time calculating and concentrating on his plans of action. He is given the time to decide and to execute.

Aside from the qualities formerly mentioned, businessmen often prefer this sport because it gives them a space to properly converse while playing. Walks in between stops allow the athletes to freely talk about whatever matters are at hand without the impending pressure of time and the uneasy formalities of the workplace. The environment around brings about an unshackled feeling, allowing the mind to uncover new ideas and thoughts that would have otherwise been stuck in limbo.

Stress can be a very unhealthy thing, especially in the workplace. It cripples the ability of the worker to come up with the output that truly represents their capability. Golf helps release this stress with the benefit of being able to talk about work . With every strike of the iron, it takes with it amounts of stress that are tantamount to the athlete’s morale healing. Working out the body, healing the mind, and progressing business – these traits make Taylormade golf a very attractive activity to many. It is kind of a holistic package.

People don’t usually see it, but companies like Taylormade golf work to make the golfing experience as seamless as possible. Equipment is designed to allow the athlete to perform as naturally as they can, making the sport more stress freeing than stress bringing.

Perhaps, it taps on man’s primal affinity to sticks and whacking objects, like the popular cult icon of the caveman wielding a thick branch. It is a modern translation of that man that brings contemporary elements into play. In man’s ever marching conquest, he never fails to create channels to express the self and to dominate, whether it be in health, business or in sport, or somehow, with golf, all at the same time. TaylorMade will walk with the man side by side, even in his insatiable desires to put things into holes.

Rockbottomgolf and Burner golf clubs, balls, apparel, and accessories are only the latest incarnation of Taylormade Golf promise of improvement and perfection in everything they sell.

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