The Essentials of Content Writing for SEO September 17, 2016

Writing content is an important strategy in Search Engine Optimization.In fact, many experts attest that content is actually the most important aspect of SEO.


Internet marketing expert believes that content writing should be one of the strengths of an effective internet marketing campaign. Since SEO content is created with the explicit objective of drawing in search engine traffic.

There are two essential activities in content writing.

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The first step in the process is keyword research.

Keyword research is actually done even before you start writing. This is done so that topics are just focused on keywords that people are already searching about.

The next step in the process is keyword optimization.

If there are sufficient keywords in place, the next thing to do is to optimize them. What does this mean? Content writers should know when to use the keywords in the content so that there is a huge likelihood that your page will be searched and you will rank high in search engine results.

The next step is organizing content.

Aside from optimizing content, the site should be capable of logically arranging the content because this will help site visitors find other related content. This will ensure that our site visitors will stay longer and will search for more content within the site.

The last step is content promotion.

Content promotion aims to increase the visibility of new content by sharing it on social media and building links from internal and external sites.

Now that we know the step-by-step process of content writing, there are two important aspects to remember when we do the actual writing.

The first aspect is the quality of content.

Content should be written well. It should be free from grammatical and syntactical lapses. This ensures visitors that your website is reputable and trustworthy. There is nothing worse than losing customers’ trust because of faulty and error-ridden content on your site.

Quality content also means that the keywords are inserted within the article or blog post. Content should also be genuinely informative, relevant and interesting for the target market. When all these characteristics are present in content, visitors will seek your website often because they find it enriching and helpful.

Aside from quality content, the website should also be regularly updated with new content. Visitors should see that the content of your website changes so that there is anticipation and a reason for them to return. Depending on the nature of the site and your business, new content can be updated as often as twice a day to once a week. Static content can be updated twice a week. Just remember that having the same content for three to four weeks will make visitors lose interest in your site.

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Knowing the process and the aspects of writing content, we now focus on helpful practices that content writers should remember in order to write quality content and be able to churn out content at a fast pace.


The first practice that content writers should remember is that they should be able to read a lot of content. Some of the best writers are avid readers. Online readers get a feel of what others are writing about, their writing style, and they also get to see what’s trending and what people are talking about. Reading should also not be limited to online content. It is helpful to mix up content like reading actual newspaper articles, classic literature, poetry, and other forms of writing.

Another important habit that content writers should have is structuring their writing using a tried and tested outline. Aside from having an outline, content should also be actionable. It should tell the readers how to apply content in their own lives. Content should always be practical and applicable. The content should have a clear take away for the reader, or a clear course of action, which is relevant to the brand or topic that is being written about.

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